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Breathe Me - Sia
Sourin Post-surgery on Sosuke’s shoulder. Rin’s determined not to leave Sosuke on his own afterwards, so he just sits with him as he tries to come to terms with the fact that there’s no going back now.
Yeah, I’m just blatantly revelling in the hurt/comfort before we get more details of what’s going on XD Who knows what will happen when things start unfolding in canon.

hello merharu! firefighter makoto is
so close now!
[yndr rumbles in the distance] part 3 (part 1 , part 2)

I’ve always wanted to paint an aquarium scene~ _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ

noone touch me I still haven’t recovered from episode 9it feels like last year’s episode 7 all over again

But at that moment, that bright light went a little faint.

Doodled on my ipad during my lunch break before Free!… and then finished in sai after Free!…